Blue Iridescent Mermaid Tiara

Blue Iridescent Mermaid Tiara

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This is a one size fits most princess crown. It comes finished on a glitter headband. This headband fits toddlers-adults. This is a handmade and hand cut item. 

***Jelly Care instructions***
Make sure to allow these to dry completely before storing them to prevent any damage to the bow or hardware. Make sure that you allow any of the pinched or layered jellies to dry completely in an upward position before storing. If you must store immediately (for packing or traveling, for example), you may use a hair dryer set on the cool setting.



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**CARE INSTRUCTIONS: In order to keep the integrity of your accessories, never expose them to extreme temperatures. High heat and freezing temperatures will cause weakening of your accessory and may cause it to fall apart. Never submerge your accessories in water. If your accessory gets dirty, use a damp, clean cloth to gently wipe clean.

**All jewelry is considered costume jewelry. It will tarnish if it gets wet or too much body oils on it, ie sweating. It is suggested that you don’t wear them to swim, shower, or bathe. Also that you avoid oils, lotions and hair care products when wearing. Remove your jewelry every night before bed.