Fireworks Jade Piggies
Sweet Eleanor

Fireworks Jade Piggies

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This is a set of two 3 inch wide bows. This is a handmade and hand-cut item. Please expect some variations from the pictures. These are on alligator clips with teeth.  


Sweet Eleanor is not responsible for any injury or illness that results from the misuse of any accessories. All accessories, including, but not limited to bows, headbands, headpieces, crowns, jewelry, and bow ties are for decorative purposes only. Supervise your child or pet at all times when wearing accessories. Never leave your child or pet unsupervised in accessories. Remove accessories before putting your child in a car seat. Never allow your child or pet to pull on or chew on accessories. Do not allow your child to nap in accessories.

**SAFETY: All bows, bow ties, floral headpieces, flower crowns, earrings, and other accessories are for decorative use only. Make sure you never leave your child alone in accessories. Remember to remove all accessories before buckling them in to the car seat. Never allow your child to sleep in accessories. Never allow your child to chew on or pull on their accessories.

**CARE INSTRUCTIONS: In order to keep the integrity of your accessories, never expose them to extreme temperatures. High heat and freezing temperatures will cause weakening of your accessory and may cause it to fall apart. Never submerge your accessories in water. If your accessory gets dirty, use a damp, clean cloth to gently wipe clean.

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